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Panel Discussion 

Creating Harmony: 

Personal Stories of Creative Recovery from Mental Illness

Three individuals speak about their personal expertise and unique work in different areas of mental health. They incorporate their unique backgrounds, reflections, and personal narratives about their experiences.

Shannon Pagdon 
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Shannon Pagdon is a research coordinator and nationally certified peer specialist living with psychosis. Shannon has a background as a peer specialist and mental health advocate, and has worked across a variety of projects relating to psychosis in the United States within California, New York, and Pennsylvania. She is the primary investigator on a research project highlighting the intersections of trauma and psychosis and the co-creator of Psychosis Outside the Box. Shannon's interests include stigma of psychosis, mental health psycholinguistics, peer support, and aspects of psychosis not captured in diagnostic criteria. Shannon is about to enter a Masters Program in Social Work, and hopes to pursue a PhD in the future.

Jean Manneville Jr. Theagene  
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Jean has 25 years of experience as a personal trainer with different clienteles, which gives him a very diversified experience in the field of physical activity. He completed a Masters in Kinesiology at UDEM in December 2020. In addition to his knowledge of physical activity, Jean is a certified Peer Support from AQRP and Peer Support Canada. Jean is the initiator and facilitator of the Telekinesiology group (Training by videoconference) a service still offered 2/week to this day by the JAP clinic. Jean has been dealing with a mental health problem for 20 years and his experience as a person with lived experience can certainly serve as a model of recovery for many users. Its main engine of recovery is through physical activity. One of Jean's great aspirations is to encourage young adults with psychosis to take charge of their mental and physical health so that they, like him, find a balance in their lives.

Candela Donantueno
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Candela's unconventional academic career path and unique recovery journey from mental illness have shaped her in remarkable ways. Her childhood and adolescence in Argentina were marked by both emotional challenges and academic success, she developed a strong sense of curiosity that propelled her studies as a bachelor's and master's student in the Netherlands. Drawing from her diverse academic background in physics, psychology, and neurosciences, she found solace and understanding in books and scientific papers during her personal healing journey. Currently pursuing a PhD in France, Candela's passion extends beyond research. She strongly believes in the transformative power of creative expression for healing. For her, healing is done through music, whether it's singing, composing on her piano, or salsa dancing.