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Access to Lausanne

The easiest way to travel to Lausanne, Switzerland, is by air to Geneva-Airport, then by taking a train to Lausanne (40 minutes). Alternatively, there are good train connections to Lausanne, Switzerland from many central European cities, including Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Munich, Berlin, Prague and Vienna. For those who wish (and are able to) reduce their CO2-footprint, we encourage travel by train.

Coronavirus: Entering Switzerland

No pandemic-related entry restrictions are in force at the present time when entering Switzerland. The general rules on entering Switzerland have applied since 2 May 2022.
 We will regularly update the conditions for entry into Switzerland if the health situation changes.

Prior to planning your travel and leading up to your departure, we recommend you visit Switzerland’s Federal Office of Public Health FOPH website for regularly updated information on the situation in Switzerland (including any travel conditions) which may be found here